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What Client Says

  • 1. Dilip

    Perfume shop - Square one mall

    Good Quality, Good Prices, Reliable & Efficient. Like dealing with Mr. Iqbal

  • 2. Inder Ahuluwalia

    City Smart - Rockwood Mall (Bramlea City Centre)

    Excellent service, product was as good as promised at a great price. Great recommended.

  • 3. Mr. Dav

    Marla's - Square One Mall (Mississauga)

    Shopping bag as good as promised at reasonable price. Excellent service.

  • 4. Edgar Arabian

    Edsfineimports (Markham)

    Honest business, great product with great pricing.

  • 5. Mr. Ahsan

    Maximum Deals - Rockwood Mall (Mississauga)

    Dealing with Mr. Iqbal Shaikh for almost 24 years, very reasonable to work with. Quality and price are very reasonable.

  • 6. Mr. Parween Gupta


    I am buying shopping bags from IQBAL Wholesale for more than 15 years. Very reliable and cost effective in Custom bags. I fully recommend this company.

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